Lucy Olivia. 20. Studying Hnd Graphics & Photography.Bar leader. I am from England.

Instagram: Luceholivia.



i wrote a song about a tortilla

actually its more of a wrap

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"What does the chef recommend?"

"Sir, this is a mcdonalds"

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Seeing people the same age as you doing awesome things with their lifeimage

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marvel men + ice bucket challenge

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❤ - tumblr user i would date
❣ - an unpopular opinion I have
★ - my personal blog url
❧ - other websites i’m on
✗ - skype
♣ - my nickname
¤ - my real name
♞ - my age
✾ - tv series i love
◎ - relationship status
◆ - my opinion of you
❂ - post a picture of myself

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